About Cadwell Wealth

A Small Firm with a Big Reputation

There are many firms that provide financial and investment advice. So many, in fact, it can be hard to distinguish one company from the next. When we set out almost 30 years ago to create what is now Cadwell Wealth, we created it from the ground up to be different from the rest. We wanted to always be evolving and improving and deliver what we consider is world class wealth management and tax strategy advice. In doing so, we’ve built a company that looks and acts a bit different from the others.

Our goal was to provide comprehensive financial, investment, and tax planning advice in a way that was honest and ethical – a firm that I would want to hire myself.


Our goal is to always put our client’s interest ahead of ours.


We are not going to try to pitch or sell you anything.


We have been doing financial planning and investing for some time and have learned valuable lessons along the way.


We are constantly learning, growing and advancing our knowledge to better help our clients and their families.


We are consistently providing personalized and comprehensive financial strategies to our clients that they have not heard about or read in the paper.


We want you to understand what we will do with your money. There is no need to make the subject of investments and financial planning overly complicated.

When we reflect on why clients choose us over other firms, time and time again it comes back to what Scott was taught growing up – Be Truthful, Operate with Integrity, Be above Reproach and always remember – Do good for others and you will do good for you. These have been the founding principles at our firm from the start.


How Are We Different?


LARGE TO ENOUGH CARE FOR YOU, YET SMALL ENOUGH TO CARE ABOUT YOU – A boutique, Main Street firm, with access to the resources of a Wall Street firm.

At a dinner some time ago, the conversation revolved around who people worked for and what they did. One person said they were in the financial business and worked for a well-known Wall Street firm, another said they work for a different Wall Street firm and then another introduced themselves and said they work for yet another well-advertised Wall Street Firm. When it came to Scott’s turn he replied, “We work for our clients”.


There are two types of advisors. Those who are held to the fiduciary standard, which means they must always act in their client’s best interest. And then there are brokerage services, where the advisor is only required to ensure that recommendations made for you are suitable. As an Investment Advisor Representative, we provide advisory services and are held to the fiduciary standard. While there may be times when a brokerage relationship is more suitable, we always strive to put our clients’ interests first.


Unlike other firms or advisors, we tend to focus on a small number of clients. We could add more staff and advisors and stretch ourselves thin, but we would rather focus on a select number of clients. The majority of our relationships have come from our existing clients, CPAs and Attorneys, who know us, introducing us to their families, friends and associates. There is no greater “Thank You” than that and we greatly value the trust they bestow upon us with their introduction.


We do not have an affiliation with a bank, insurance or investment company. We do not operate on contingencies. Our fee structure allows us to make decisions that are truly in our clients’ best interest, with no hidden agenda.


We are dedicated to helping our clients and their families succeed. We are passionate about always doing what is right, honest, and ethical for our clients – putting their needs above all others. We never forget that we are here for our clients and because of our clients.


We are committed to play a major role in our clients success – after all we want to become the last advisor a family will need!


This means that we do not have our own products we are pitching or an incentive to recommend one strategy over another. Independent.


We perform a demanding array of analyses before setting an investment course tailored to each individual clients’ needs and are adept at managing our clients’ expectations from the beginning of the relationship.


Once we address the “basic” financial planning strategies, we then focus on more sophisticated and creative ways to strive to preserve assets, manage taxes, and create wealth.